File Drop

Make it easy for your contacts to send confidential information or large files to you.

Get Started

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Receive files protected by end-to-end encryption.

No software required

Works in a web browser - no need to install any software or plug-in. Just share your personal upload link with your contacts.

Strong Encryption

All information — including file names — is encrypted using industry standards. The zero-knowledge encryption ensures that not even the operators of this service can access the content.

Large files

File too large to send as an e-mail attachment? No problem - support for files up to 2GB.

Integrity ensured

Data integrity verified using checksums.

Example upload page

Your own personal upload page.

When you have signed up, you get your own upload page - simply share the address with your contacts.
Cartoon explanation

How it works:

1 Bob wants to send some files to Alice, files that contain confidential data and should not be sent by e-mail.

2 Alice sends her Encrypted Filedrop personal upload link to Bob.

3 Bob clicks the link, which takes him directly to an upload page. He does not need any account or password. The files are automatically encrypted before leaving his computer.

4 Alice can now retrieve the files - they are decrypted in her web browser after they are downloaded, but before they are saved to her computer.

Javascript required

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